Fantasy, Photoshoots and Finishing College – June 2013

Laura, my lovely sci-fi model

Laura, my lovely sci-fi model

June was mostly taken up by college work.  Trying to get the last few assessments ticked of so that I could become a qualified hairdresser, organising my wig portfolio and continuing with the Assessors Award, which will help me with my teaching work.  The last 3 assessments I had to finish (perm, finger-dry and cap highlights) were the same as the majority of the class, resulting in competition to secure clients.  Somehow we all managed to get clients in and helped each other to complete the course.

It is an unfortunate effect of this industry, and especially working freelance that competition and self preservation are a must.  If you are to be successful you must necessarily be driven to succeed.  Occasionally this goes too far, I have been duped and cheated out of work a few times, I have had things I said taken out of context, twisted and repeated to others, I have had assistant MUAs go above my head to offer to work at a cheaper rate.  Thankfully most people are trustworthy and if somebody is secure enough in their skills they won’t try and shaft you.  Little comfort in the short term, but integrity and reputation goes a long way.

My sea-serpent fantasy hair creation

My sea-serpent fantasy hair creation

One final assessment we all had to complete, on the same day, was a fantasy look, including hair, make up and fashion.  I chose the theme of ‘women from outer space’, basing my look on sci fi and B movies.  It was a hectic day, but ultimately lots of fun and I passed with distinction, hurrah!

Once college was finished, there was just a few hours to relax before a photo shoot I had booked in with SevenStreets Almanac.  The brief was to create a shoot based on the theme ‘Mood Indigo’ using local female musicians as models.  The shoot would then be featured alongside interviews with the band.  Considering the girls were musicians rather than models, they were all beautiful and looked great in front of the camera which of course just makes my job easier.  I love when that happens!

Natalie McCool in SevenStreets Almanac.  Photography by the very talented Alexander Petricca

Natalie McCool in SevenStreets Almanac. Photography by Alexander Petricca

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