Lessons, Legends and Locations- April 2013

During March I was offered a couple of really good opportunities, as you will know because you very diligently read my posts.  The first of these was the offer of a teaching post in a private college in the North West.  Although I am not a qualified teacher, I have had plenty of experience running workshops and the like and so was naturally thrilled to be given this opportunity.  I am now a teacher of Media Make Up and have to devise a scheme of work, lesson plans, handouts etc.  All the things that many of my family members do and I swore I would never do!  So far, I love it.

Applying make up to Catherine, the Fairy Bride

Applying make up to Catherine, the Fairy Bride

The next opportunity I was given was the chance to go on location to Beddgelert to work on a short film called ‘Beneath The Waters Of Llyn Coch’.  The aim is to turn this into a TV series, called ‘Legends Of Old’ with each episode retelling a different Welsh myth.  We had a beautiful song written for the film by the ethereally voiced Eve Goodman and filmed a music video with her alongside the main film.

Wales was very cold in March, and rather wet too.  The wind played havoc with continuity and many scenes had to be postponed or rescheduled due to factors beyond our control.   But there’s just something about filming on location, when everybody lives, eats and works together.  It seems to pull the team tighter and focuses all energies on the film.  There’s no distractions of friends and family tempting you with nights out when your working day is finished.  Everyone is there for one reason only – to make the best film possible.  This was especially true here, as mobile phone/internet signals were temperamental meaning there was even less distraction from our work.  It’s a great way of working and one I particularly enjoy, but can get pretty intense and it’s always a pleasure to get home again.

Creating a killer hangover

Creating a killer hangover for The Morning After

Towards the end of April I had a theatre production to work on, ‘The Morning After’ at the Lantern Theatre.  It was directed by an up and coming young director I have worked with on a couple of occasions previously and this was a pleasure to work on.  The acting was superb and the darkly comic script with a twist in it’s tail personally appealed to me.

At the end of April there was another pay off for my hard work with the premiere of Tamla Rose.  All the cast and crew assembled in New Brighton for the screening before it headed off for Cannes.  Good luck to everyone involved!

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