BAFTA, Beggars and Beatles Haircuts – March 2013

In March I was fortunate enough to be accepted in BAFTA Crew – a database/network of industry professionals from across the UK.  We are invited to masterclasses, receive regular newsletters and bulletins and discounts to other BAFTA events.  I’ll write some more about this in the coming months, when I’ve had more of a chance to experience it, but for now it already seems pretty beneficial.  Within hours of being accepted into BAFTA Crew I received 3 really good offers of work.  Perhaps it’s just a coincidence, I like to think not.

Ruth Negga in  Noble

Ruth Negga in Noble

At the very beginning of March I spent a day working on a new feature film Noble  This is perhaps the highest budget film I’ve worked on and, coming into it halfway through was strange for me as I’ve usually been on projects from the beginning.  Noble is a biopic of Christina Noble, an extraordinary woman who travelled from Ireland to Vietnam to create better lives for thousands of people.  The scenes we were filming were set in a nightclub in the 60’s – cue lots of false eyelashes, black eyeliner and wigs for the girls and shaved chins, moptops and long sideburns for the chaps.  (How glad am I that I started extra wig training in Feb?!)

Two Characters from The Beggars Opera.  Nothing subtle about their make up!

Two Characters from The Beggars Opera. Nothing subtle about their make up!

Later in March, I was asked by a friend to provide hair and make up for a production of The Beggars Opera, being staged at The Epstein Theatre.  I’ve never done an opera before, but I like new things so jumped at the opportunity.  I was surprised by quite how much make is required for opera, even in a relatively small theatre.  In my film work, I’m always conscious of HD and so less is more.  Opera throws all that out of the window, which I actually found quite liberating.  My first opera, hopefully not my last.

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