Magazine Freebies

This weeks freebies

This weeks freebies

Every so often I find myself browsing the magazine aisles in my local newsagents. I never really read magazines. I’d like to, but I don’t seem to be able to find time somehow. The reason I end up browsing is to see what freebies are on offer.

I’d like to have the money to buy expensive products all the time, to test whether or not I like them. I sometimes ask for testers at the beauty counters but not every brand is willing to give them out. This is why magazine freebies are so great – they make expensive products accessible.

Last Sunday I bought 4 magazines – Cosmopolitan, which had a free Elemis Softly Softly Moisturiser in it, Marie Claire, with a free Neal’s Yard Bee Lovely Hand Cream and two copies of Glamour, one with a Percy and Reed No Oil Oil and one with Percy and Reed Finishing Polish. The grand total of these magazines was £11.40. If I had bought the products by themselves they would have cost over £50. (The day before, I very nearly bought the Bee Lovely hand cream – I’m so pleased I didn’t!)

As a make up artist, hairdresser and girl who like faffing, I want to keep up to date with the latest ranges. With the best will in the world, I can’t afford everything. These freebies are good products too, none of your cheap junk. I haven’t tried any of the Percy and Reed stuff yet, but the Elemis moisturiser is gorgeous, even on my dry skin (check which magazine you buy – some have cleanser, some have moisturiser for oily skin, some for dry). The Neal’s Yard hand cream is also amazing, as I said, I was prepared to pay a tenner for it.

There’s some particularly good beauty products on the magazine shelves at the moment, if you find any other treasures, give me shout. I’ll be here, turning the pages of my magazines with beautifully soft hands.

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