Sales, Sea and Scarecrows – January 2013

My Illamasqua January sale haul.  Yum.

My Illamasqua January sale haul. Yum.

January is a strange month to predict. There’s either a wealth of work to do, as New Year resolutions inspire new projects, or there’s a dearth as everyone tightens their belts after Christmas. This year, like many I decided to have a very frugal January. This was seriously challenged by Illamasqua’s wonderful sale. How can a girl resist such goodies at such friendly prices? Truth is, I couldn’t and spent ages poring over their website, sorting the ‘must buys’ from the ‘want to buys’ before settling on a mid-sized haul. Oops.

As far as work went, I had several meetings and make up trials for an upcoming theatre production of Titus Andronicus. Not a Shakespeare plays I know particularly well, but there’s plenty of gore and make up required, so I’m quite looking forward to that.

Also I had some face and bodypainting work at a nightclub to do. This is always good fun, nice performers, a nice venue and nice staff. The theme this time was Atlantis so all things blue, green and silver was the order of the day, with quite a lot of glitter thrown in too because, well, why not?

Alive bride / Dead bride

Alive bride / Dead bride

Also in January I had the chance to work with the lovely Bridie Jackson and the Arbour on their forthcoming single Scarecrow which can be heard here. It’s a beautifully haunting song about a bride who dies the night before her wedding. Her wedding dress is then used on a scarecrow as she watched from beyond the grave. The video reflects the story of the song and as such, a fair amount of death make up was required.

Quite a change from all the sparkles of December.

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