A still from Rencounter

Rencounter (meaning: 1. An unplanned meeting. 2. A hostile encounter or contest) was a short film I worked on for Liverpool’s second Kino Cabaret. It is based on the idea that, taken out of context, events can be deceptive and people’s actions can be judged unfairly.

The film starts with a young confident man being attacked and beaten up. The audience is left wondering if this is a random mugging. Is the man a victim or a perpetrator? Could there be a reason for a seemingly random attack?

Our battered victim.

Rencounter was written and directed by Simon Hadfield and was filmed over a particularly cold evening in Birkenhead in November 2009. A particular challenge for me was making one actor look battered, broken and stamped on. Without prosthetics it was difficult to achieve the result of sustained violence required, but using various make up and lighting techniques we managed a convincing result.

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