Paul Mitchell Workshop

Awapuhi, also known as the Shampoo Plant

Awapuhi, also known as the Shampoo Plant

A couple of weeks ago I attended a workshop based around Paul Mitchell hair products. For those of you who haven’t heard of Paul Mitchell, they produce professional hair care products only available through salons. Paul Mitchell was the first professional beauty company to reject animal testing and is known for their use of luxury, natural ingredients. A key ingredient in the range is Awapuhi, a Hawaiian wild ginger that naturally conditions, adds shine and softens hair.

Our workshops consisted of a shampoo and blow-dry, using various shampoos, conditioning treatments, styling and setting products according to client needs. My hair is relatively dry, but I have quite a sensitive scalp. Because of this, my stylist used the Tea tree Special Shampoo, designed to soothe itchy, sensitive skin. I was warned that this may tingle a bit and it did, but I loved the sensation of cleanliness and freshness that resulted.

After this, my stylist used Super-Charged Moisturizer Conditioner. Again, this smelled fresh and healthy, somehow making me nostalgic for my Nana and Grandad’s garden. As styling products, Super Sculpt and Fast Form were used. These help to reduce blow-drying time, useful as I have long, quite porous hair. Fast Form is designed to smooth and tame hair and Super Sculpt conditions and adds shine.

The Paul Mitchell Range

The Paul Mitchell Range

The next day my hair felt amazing. However, my scalp was back to feeling sensitive and I was very aware of a build up of products at the root. As my hair still looked and felt great though, I’d be happy to live with the sensitive scalp (I have to anyway) if only the price tag was just a little bit lower (£10-15/product).  Perhaps I’ll try some of the Paul Mitchell minis, available from just £4, they’d make great stocking fillers. (see below)

from £4After we had swopped over and styled each other’s hair, the rest of the workshop was spent learning about the products. Each shampoo (except Shampoo 2) is designed so you only need one shampoo and only a small amount is needed of each one, excellent for cutting down on product used. However, they all need to be activated (rubbed together in the palms of your hands) before applying to the hair or they won’t clean properly.

The range is extensive, ethically sound (always good to know) and excellent quality. Be aware though if you are buying online, in shops or supermarkets they are unlikely to be genuine. Paul Mitchell only sells in salons.

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