From Beyond Iron Mountain

From Beyond Iron Mountain was a theatre production by Bonk Street Theatre. It was produced as part of Liverpool’s Shops Upfront initiative of 2010. The idea was that in just 6 weeks, a new play would be written, cast, produced and performed. Quite a challenge.

Rumbelows the Robot, the Visitors and the Cheesy Gameshow Host

The play was like a 1950s Science Fiction Theatre show. The plot involved time travel, weather control, and a brain in a jar, amongst other things. Characters included an ape, a robot, two alien visitors, a gameshow host, eccentric inventors and two microbes. There are certainly some challenges there for a make up artist!

Wonderful Science Fiction Theatre sets

The script itself and the amazing props suggested a wonderfully daft B- movie style project and so the make up was designed accordingly. Coneheads were created with bald caps and cotton wool. Silver face paint and eyeshadow was perfect for our robot and thick Grimas cake foundation was great for the cheesy gameshow host.

I go to the theatre regularly, across several venues in the north west but have never seen anything quite like From Beyond Iron Mountain. More’s the pity for that; it was great fun, both to watch and to be part of.

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