Make Up International Dry Dirt

Make Up International Dry Dirt in Nebraska

Well this is something I never thought I’d be doing – writing a review of dirt. However, as any working make up artist will know, dirt is an essential part of any kit. It’s possible to use eyeshadow of course, providing it’s matt, and I have done on several occasions, but this actually proves to be a very expensive way of replicating dirt.

It’s also possible, and some would argue, more authentic to use actual dirt, but this isn’t particularly pleasant for the actor involved. I would suggest that if real dirt is used, at least get a bag of soil from the local garden centre so you know it’s not filled with dog muck!

Dry Dirt used on face, body and clothes

The cosmetic dirt I’ve been using is by Make Up International and is called ‘Dry Dirt’. It comes in three different shades: Nebraska, which is a rich, warm, brown, dusty mud colour, Volcanic, an ash grey dust colour and Coal which is a deep, intense charcoal colour. It’s £12.50 for 215g and so is a much cheaper way of creating dirt than eyeshadow, and more practical and hygienic to carry round than actual dirt.

A little goes a long way with this product. I’ve used it on faces, bodies and clothing and it’s barely made a dent in the amount in the tub. The packaging is admittedly dull and uninspiring, but it’s not the sort of product that needs to be eyecatching. The Nebraska shade, that I have used, is convincing as soil and general grime and, when wet, can be used as a dark mud.

Dry Dirt works well wet or dry

As it stands, I’ve never needed to use the Volcanic or Coal shades. But if the need ever arises, I know where I’ll be going to buy my dirt. (A sentence I never thought I’d have to say!)

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