The Best Brush For Applying Eyeshadow

My favourite Lancome brush

There’s so many different types of eyeshadow brushes on the market, shaders, angled shaders, fluff brushes, blending brushes and crease brushes to name but a few. I have several different types, from several different makes and each one has its own pros and cons.

For me, my favourite brush for actually applying eye colour is a Lancôme brush I picked up a few years ago. I’ve searched for its name/number online and I think it’s a flat eyeshadow brush 07, but don’t quote me on that. (It was given to me so I don’t know where it came from). It also has a wooden handle, which I think is from their Pro Brush range.

Lancome flat eyeshadow brush #07

The reason I like this brush so much is that it is soft enough to use around the eye area, but stiff enough that it will hold the colour and pack it on to the eyelids. That’s really all that’s required from this brush. I have other brushes that I prefer for blending colours, but those brushes are a little bit too soft for packing on colour.

Without knowing for definite which brush it is, I can’t really know the price, but the 07 brush retails at around £15-£20 online. I’m sure there are other very similar brushes available from other companies, but my personal favourite is still Lancôme. Whatever brush it is!

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