Origins Mini Facial

the wonderfully smelling A Perfect World Skin Guardian

Earlier this afternoon a friend and I headed down to Origins in the new Beauty Bazaar for a mini facial. This is something that Origins offer free of charge in order to promote their products. The facials were done on the shop floor as apparently Origins won’t have access to the beauty rooms until January.  Thankfully the store wasn’t as busy as on the opening day and so it was a relatively relaxing environment in the shop.

The assistant doing our facials firstly went through our normal skincare routine, skin concerns, skin types etc with us both. I’ve been on the lookout for a new moisturiser for a while so was hoping to be blown away by the products used.

some added bling to brighten the day

At least seven products were used on me, from cleanser to treatment tonic to masks, serums and eye cream. I had my eyes closed for a lot of the treatment, but I can report that each felt delicious and smelt divine. All the products used on me smelt natural, fresh, healthy and generally good for you.  Perhaps more importantly, I also came away with a Swarovski encrusted spa headband. A little bit of unexpected bling never goes amiss!

my skin feeling especially young!

I have quite dry skin and my friend has oily so entirely different products were used on each of us but we were both rather delighted with the results. The first thing I noticed was how young my skin felt. 8 hours later and my skin still feels delicious. The only downside is that to recreate this as home would cost upwards of £150.

For just a little treat during the cold winter, I’d highly recommend this to anyone, even more so as it’s free.

Used on me were:

Origins Pure Cream cleanser £17

Origins A Perfect World moisturizing lotion £17

Origins A Perfect World Skin Guardian serum £34

Origins Make A Difference Ultra-Rich cream £33

Origins Drink Up mask £20

Origins Modern Friction scrub £31

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