Ghouls, Ghosts and Gold – October 2012

Wow! I can’t believe how long October seemed to last this year. Was it really only a month ago that I was working on the Carrington’s advert? Obviously, I know that it was, but it just seems so much longer ago.

A still from the Carrington’s advert

I was asked to work on the advert by an old contact whom I haven’t seen for a couple of years, so it was nice to get back in touch with him, and also to meet other crew members whose names I’ve heard mentioned over and over but never met.

We all came together for one day in Netherley to film a jewellery advert. Not the most glamorous of locations I hear you say, but the house we were in was perfect for our needs. It was a chance for me to get back to doing elegant make up and using some of the skills I have acquired on my hairdressing course.

The advert can be viewed here

Zombie DJ at The Venue

The second part of October was, naturally given over to vampires, zombies, ghosts, and spiders. I had a couple of shifts in a different nightclubs such as Circo and The Venue, painting faces of customers, staff and performers, a few private clients and then two nights at the wonderful ‘Otters Ghoul’ at Active Adventures in Otterspool.

A zombie at Otters Ghoul
Photo by James Maloney at Liverpool Echo

This was a family event and entailed a zombie-filled outdoor maze and harnessed activities such as the ‘leap of faith’ and the ‘drop of death’. Two hours to single-handedly create 30 monsters is no small task, but the result was genuinely terrifying, I went through the maze myself and found that I was screaming and running with everyone else, despite knowing the actors and having done their make up. I take that as a great result, a job well done!

Monsters at Otters Ghoul
Photo by James Maloney at Liverpool Echo

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