Illamasqua – Beauty School Drop In

the classes on offer

Sunday 14th of October saw Illamasqua’s Beauty School Drop in come to Liverpool. I had received their timetable of master classes and had decided to drop in for the smoky eye class at 2pm and the liquid liner flick at 2.15pm. I had a few other things to do that day, so found it necessary to prioritise one or two demonstrations.

As it was, they were running quite ahead of schedule, meaning I had missed all the eye make up demos and arrived halfway through the blush style class. This class, as can be imagined was not particularly inspiring, and was mainly about the difference between blusher and bronzer, highlighting and contouring etc.

the Blush Style demo

However, as there was only one class left after this, I decided to stay until the end, taking in the pout perfection class. This was a much more interesting class, with handy tips and advice. However, with approximately 30 people in attendance and a handful of screaming toddlers running around the shop (why they were there is anyone’s guess)  it was particularly difficult to hear the make up artist from the back of the room and we had to ask her several times to repeat what she had said.

Despite this issue, there was a lot to be learnt here, both by amateurs and professionals. Firstly, they explained how to find the exact lip line, using foundation to erase any false lines, then there was lip liner, lipstick and gloss applied in several layers, resulting in a perfect violet pout. At each stage, the reasons and technique for it were explained and a few people were invited to have a go themselves.

Still, I was disappointed to have missed the earlier classes. Especially as it was advertised as ‘drop in’ I felt they should have stuck to their original scheduling, but the classes I saw exceeded my expectations. Afterwards, whilst speaking to the make up artist she said they hoped to do a series of classes for different ethnicities. I think for that one, I’ll clear my schedule and go for the full day.

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