Past Glories

Past Glories crew at work

Past Glories tells the story of Gloria Langford, a faded movie star who is convinced she is being stalked. She hires a private investigator to find out who is following her but what he uncovers is far from what is expected. It was filmed in early 2010 as part of First Take’s production course and we had weekly pre-production meetings in the months leading up to the shoot.

Private Investigator

Due to the amount of pre-production, when it came to the actual shoot, I knew exactly what hair and make up was required for every scene. The costumes and make up were deliberately cliché, as we wanted to give Past Glories the feel of a B movie. Each eyeshadow colour had been pre-approved; every hair accessory had been carefully selected weeks in advance. We had all been given a scene by scene breakdown with inspiration, angles, lighting concepts and every little detail worked out beforehand. We really could not have been better prepared.

Gloria Langford – deliberately bad make up

For me, the main challenge was to create a look for Gloria, who thinks she is much younger and more glamorous than she really is. The idea was that Gloria cannot understand that she is no longer a star even though she was only ever, at best a B movie star. For this reason, I deliberately did shaky eyeliner, extreme blusher and dated make up styles. That’s what I love about this job, sometimes it’s necessary to deliberately do bad make up and make an actor look much worse than they did when they arrived that morning.

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