The Best Brush For Mascara

A traditional mascara wand can often get a big ‘cloggy’

As a make up artist one of the things I find most difficult is applying mascara to another person. With a traditional mascara wand, clumping often occurs and the curves can cause the mascara to smudge onto the eyelid, ruining the perfect eyeshadow you’ve just spent ages blending. But you have to risk this in order to get the mascara right to the root. So what’s the answer?

Well, for me the answer is MACs 205 mascara brush. I bought this a few years ago and was told they were no longer going to make it. However, a little bit of research later and I can confirm that it’s now sold exclusively in the MAC Pro stores (about $19 – £12 & p+p), but can often be picked up on Ebay for a snip of the price (no guarantee of authenticity though).

MAC 205 Mascara brush

The stiff fan shaped bristles make it much easier to get all the way to the root of the lashes, without the round bulk of a wand, thereby making it much easier to apply the mascara without smudging. Another benefit of this particular brush is that is seldom, if ever, results in clumping on the lashes.

If there is a downside to this brush, it is that it distributed the mascara so evenly and finely that it is often necessary to put several coats on. If I am applying make up to myself, I find it much easier to use a traditional wand or, better still, Clinique’s one sided rubber wand (as seen in their High Lengths mascara). However, when applying make up to another person, MACs 205 if the only one for me.

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