Clinique High Lengths Mascara

Clinique High Lengths Mascara

I’ve yet to find a mascara that I absolutely swear by. I wouldn’t even pledge loyalty to any one particular brand. Usually I tend to opt for whatever is on offer; I’ve even had some great mascaras from Poundland (Maybelline). So when my sister told me that Clinique were running an offer whereby you take in any old dried up mascara and they replace it with a brand spanking new one, how could I resist?

I am fortunate enough to have relatively long, curvy eyelashes, but I’ve often felt that they are quite sparse. Yet, for some unfathomable reason, I decided to opt for the lengthening, rather than thickening mascara. Perhaps it was a temporary madness, perhaps I wanted to see just how long I could make them look.  In all honesty, it really didn’t matter; I loved the one I chose.

The wand is flexible and one sided – I’ve never used one like this before, but actually found it easy to use. It does clog a little bit, but the excess can be scraped away easily enough. One coat of this mascara is ample for me and I love the definition it brings to my eyes.

High Lengths made my lashes look lush

My only criticism of this mascara is that it’s in no way waterproof. As I do a lot of wedding make up, waterproof mascara is a must, but this just didn’t cut the mustard. We’ve had particularly bad rain here of late and one five minute walk resulted in black streaks all down my face, running into my eyes, making vision difficult. Not my most attractive moment. (Note to self – buy an umbrella.)

My mascara is running low now and is beginning to get into that slightly gungy, dried up state we all hate so much. At £16 High Lengths isn’t especially cheap and the waterproof thing does bother me. Yet I still think it’s a really good mascara and good is much more important than cheap isn’t it?

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