Hair And Hatmaking – Sept 2012

So September rolls around once again, which means I’m probably going to sign up for yet another college course right? Absolutely right. Since 2008 I’ve become a qualified make up artist and barber and now I’m going to be a hairdresser also. I reckon I’ll probably be a student of some sort forever and I’m quite happy about it too.

Bring on the colour! One day I shall be able to do this, oh yes. (Nicki Minaj at the VMAs 2012)

So far I’ve only done a few weeks study and I’ve decided that my blowdrying needs more work, but my setting/rollers are quite good, truth be told.  I’m looking forward (somewhat apprehensively) to cutting and colouring – at the moment all the jargon kind of baffles me. Still, onwards and upwards.

September also saw me working on a gorgeous little short film, called Milliner. The cast was all male, just 3 actors, so not too much make up required beyond basic cuts and bruises.  However, I had to shave a scar into one actor’s hair, manage continuity between messy, spiky and neatly groomed hair on another and then greasy and slick down the third (I knew the barbering course would be worthwhile!)

L’homme au chapeau melon by Rene-Magritte – A big influence on Milliner.

There were a few familiar faces on the crew of Milliner, who it’s always good to catch up with. But there were others also, whom I’d heard about by name (Facebook makes it such a small world) but never met, so it was good to put names to faces and contemplate future projects. After a shoot as successful (tiring) as this, we decided that we all deserved many a pint/sambuca in the wrap party to celebrate. Would be rude not to!

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