Smashbox Photofinish Primer

Lovely Smashbox Photo Finish Primer in natural

I never really understood the benefit of primer until I tried Smashbox Photo Finish. Upon application my skin instantly felt smoother. It has a strangely velvety feel, which I know doesn’t appeal to everyone, but I love it. I bought two different shades – original (clear, colourless) and bronzing (deep brown).

The original (and to my mind, best) I have used on many different skin tones and types. I have used it for film, photo and bridal and it always seems to have the desired effect. Skin looks smoother and pores are minimized. I thought the best way to illustrate this was to photograph myself with no other make up on, and compare the pores on each side of my face

The results of using Photo Finish

As can be seen, the pores are dramatically reduced by the use of Photo Finish. I now use this product anytime I use foundation – I get it now, I’m a total believer – a good primer is a must have.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer in bronzing – rather disappointing

However, unfortunately I can’t say that about the bronzing primer. It’s an odd colour that doesn’t seem to work on my skin (Caucasian) or several different tones of African and Caribbean skin that I have tried. In fact, it made the foundation on top very patchy. I’ve been carrying it round with me since buying it, trying to work out when to use it, but it may have to get consigned to the rejects pile in the not too distant future. What a shame, especially considering how much I love the original.

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