Bag It Bin It

Tomb Raiders

Bag It Bin It was filmed, edited and screened in 3 days as part of Liverpool’s first Kino Festival. There is no central storyline throughout this film, but rather it follows certain situations throughout time (from prehistoric to futuristic) in which bags of dog poo feature (stay with me on this one, ok). Why do people think it’s unacceptable to leave dog muck on the streets and yet acceptable to leave bags of dog muck on the streets?

Adam and Eve before they disrobed

And so, for three days we carried bags of fake dog poo around Liverpool in our quest to film ridiculous situations involving the brown stuff. The biggest challenge for me was creating different characters using only 2 actors. We had Victorian explorers, husband and wife (did I mention both actors were men), and Adam and Eve amongst others. Several wigs came into play, as did lots of crepe hair to build a mono brow and beard. I even got roped into playing an Egyptian mummy, though that’s a story for another time.

Our dog poo recipe

When it came to the screening of the film, we were all pretty pleased with our effort, having managed the whole production and post production in just a few days. There were several different films being shown that night and I’d say ours was definitely the most low-brow. There were quite a few snooty comments made about its subject matter, but, considering we weren’t making a straight film, but a series of sketches, I think our film was ambitious and we executed it really well. Whoever said films have to be serious and intellectual?

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