Love Me Or Die

The ill-fated barmaid

Love Me Or Die was the first film I did make up on. It was filmed for a Filmaka competition and, as per the rules, was only 3 mins long. The idea behind the film was that it would be set in the 1890s but filmed as if it was a 1920s silent film – a bit slapstick, a bit vampish. As there was no text, we anticipated it would appeal to an international judging panel.

The story tells of a young man trying to win the affection of a barmaid. She isn’t interested and so he goes to see a wise woman to buy a love potion called ‘love me or die’. Naturally the end result isn’t what the young man had hoped for.

The bruisers in the bar

From a make up perspective, the biggest challenge for me was getting the period right. I researched hairstyles from the 1890s, though time was tight and I don’t think I did justice to the hair. I also researched make up styles from the 1920s (a period I especially love) in order to get the right tone for the film.

Unfortunately, my favourite character – the devil, was cut out of the final edit. It was inevitable that something would have to go, as the film absolutely had to be 3mins or under, but I’d spent some time creating prosthetic horns and styling the devil. Also the actor just had a great face for it, so I was sad to see the devil go.

The devil himself

The importance of this film to me was that it not only gave me my first film entry on my make up C.V. (I’d previously worked in the art dept of a few productions), but moreover, that, through doing this film, over three days, I taught myself how to keep continuity notes, when to take photos etc. This is a crucial part of the job and one it was vital to learn.

Love Me Or Die can be viewed here

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