The Best Brush For Eyeliner

Benefit Get Bent brush. The bristles splayed too quickly for my liking

As any make up artist knows, once you’ve found a perfect brush for a particular job, no other brush will quite do. Whilst discussing this with a friend recently I realised that my favourite brushes are not from any one particular brand, but rather a selection, some well known, some perhaps not so well known. And so I decided to start this category, describing my favourite brushes, and why they are so good.

At the moment, eyeliner is playing a big part in my life and so I thought I’d start with my eyeliner brush. Several years ago I bought a Benefit Get Bent brush (about £8). I instantly loved the bent handle; this makes eyeliner much easier to apply in my opinion. However, after several washes I noticed the bristles were beginning to splay. Not good for achieving a precise line. Also the bristles were too long to begin with I thought making it harder to control the line.

Smashbox Arced Liner brush #21.

Out with that, and in with a Smashbox Arced Liner #21 (£16).  This also has the bent handle I like and smaller bristles. If I had one criticism of this brush it’s that the handle is a bit too long – a really petty quibble I know but enough to make me keep my eye out for other options.

The answer came, not from a beauty counter, but from my local art shop. At less than £3 I got a Royal and Langnickel Mini Majestic Tight Spot 5/0. It’s sold as an art brush, but I couldn’t see any difference to the make up brushes I’d tried. It has the shorter bristles I like and a bent handle, which is also shorter than the Smashbow one. Basically it was an excellent buy and I have been using it on virtually every job I’ve worked on since. I’ve also bought a couple more in case I lose one, or I don’t have time to clean one.

My favourite brush – Royal and Langnickel Mini Majestic Tight Spot 5/0.
The top brush is brand new, the bottom is nearly 3 years old.

In fact, I bought a new one today and thought it would be interesting to compare the bristles to one I’ve been using for nearly 3 years. The bristles haven’t splayed at all, meaning I can get a nice crisp thin line every single time. For this reason, along with the bargainous price, it’s definitely my eyeliner brush of choice.

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