V05 Extreme Style Fibre Putty

Last week I went to a pre-production meeting for a short film I was working on (Milliner).  The meeting was at 4.30pm on a Sunday and filming was due to start 8am Monday morning.  During this meeting I discovered that one of the characters had to have his hair flat and neat in some scenes, and messy and spiked in some others. It was also requested that his hair didn’t look too wet or styled, therefore any pomades or gels were no good, what I needed was a fibre (it seems my barbering course is coming into play here – I now know what these products do!)

V05 Extreme Style Fibre Putty

I got up extra early on Monday morning, hoping the local Tesco was open 24 hours (I’ve never had need to check before).  It was, but only had one choice of male grooming product, V05 Extreme Style Fibre Putty.  As long as it was a fibre I was happy, I’d brought pomade, gel and wax with me just in case, but it’s always best to have the right product for the job.

I followed the instructions, using only a small amount of fibre, and found it worked well to create a naturally looking messy, spiked do. The product is matt and smells quite fresh and pleasant.  For me, the all important factor though was how well it could be reworked.  After two scenes, the actor, David, needed his hair flat and neat again.  A couple of minutes with a comb and it worked brilliantly, needing no more fibre to hold it in place. When it came to messing it up again however, I did need to add another small amount to hold the messiness, but once styled, it held perfectly well for the rest of the day. Overall I reworked David’s hair about 6 times over 12 hours. This is quite a lot of reworking and so it was only to be expected that a little more product would be needed.

I have read some other reviews of this fibre online and there has been some criticism of it, saying it doesn’t hold spiky hair for too long. For me, that’s not the purpose of this product. If you want a longer hold, maybe try a gel or wax. This product is specifically designed to be reworked and so it can’t be expected to hold a style fast all day.

At £3.89 for 150ml it’s a bargain for what I wanted it for. I understand that most people buying this product are buying it for personal use, but for a make up artist, a product like this is an essential part of my kit. There may be better products on the market; there may be cheaper products also (though this hardly breaks the bank). Perhaps in the future I’ll seek them out. In the meantime, although I didn’t buy this through choice – there was no choice on offer, it was still a good purchase and did exactly what I needed it to. That’s really all that matters isn’t it?

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