Pocahontas, Pop Art and Phantom of the Opera – August 2012

August was dominated by family events.  My sister was due to give birth at the end of July, her daughter was eventually born 4th August. This, combined with the Olympics (there’s a rule in our house – if it moves we’ll watch it) meant that a lot of time was spent at home or at my sisters, sitting, cooing over her first born and watching sport. August was a good month. I still kept busy of course, updating this blog, researching,  doing Look Good Feel Better and other little bits but a lot of time was spent with various family members, who had travelled to meet the little one.

My brother came up from London at the beginning of the month. He was planning his 30th birthday party, in Hampstead Heath which took place on Aug 26th. It was, of course, fancy dress with the theme being the letter P (my brother is called Pete). My initial reaction was to shout ‘excellent, please can I be Prince?!’ Before realising I am the wrong gender, race, and height. That didn’t deter me however, but the thought of spending hours that morning curling my hair did.  As did the idea of wearing purple velvet all day in the August sun.  Eventually I settled on Pocahontas. Ok, so, once again I’m the wrong race, but at least gender was on my side this time. More than anything though I wanted to go as some pop art, having found this incredible Lichtenstein-inspired picture online.

amazing pop art make up

The make up is perfect, so effective and relatively simple and yet I knew that it would take even longer to achieve than Princing up my hair and I would have a drink and smudge or sweat off all my hard work. I have no idea who created this look or what it was for but there are a lot of copycat make ups also on the web. Some are equally as effective, even colouring the hair to give the comic book effect, but some are a little half hearted and not very well executed. I didn’t want to fall into this category, but knew that time would not allow otherwise. (Party started at 1.30pm and we had a lot of food to prepare in the morning.)Maybe one day I’ll give this look a go for a photo shoot or something.  In the meantime, it was just a beautiful pipe dream.

My brother couldn’t decide on his costume, he quite enjoys looking ridiculous but also wanted something a bit grand so he could lord it over his guests. In the end he decided on 2 costumes, to be worn simultaneously – Peter Pan (khaki green charity shop dress, bright green tights, green felt hat) and the Phantom of the Opera (black cape, white mask). Never one to make things easy for himself, he opted against buying a mask. Apparently they didn’t fit perfectly enough. Instead he decided to make one, buying a load of modroc and enlisting my advice over the phone in order to do so. I greatly advised against this, having had a relatively unhappy experience with modroc myself quite recently. How was he going to make this with nobody there to help him. He’s far too stubborn to listen to advice though, and even more stubborn about waiting until somebody’s there to help him. I talked him through the process as best I could (quite a simple process really) and left him to it. I needn’t have worried, his costume was superb, if a little manic. Happily I was the only Pocahontas there, but we had penguins, pink panther, a polygamist, a pineapple, Princess Leia, a Parisienne and even some poo. I never in my life thought I would witness a dinosaur (prehistoric) playing Jerusalem on a recorder. There are some things in life you just can’t plan for.

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