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Bag It Bin It

Bag It Bin It was filmed, edited and screened in 3 days as part of Liverpool’s first Kino Festival. There is no central storyline throughout this film, but rather it follows certain situations throughout time (from prehistoric to futuristic) in … Continue reading

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The Emmys 2012

It’s been 2 days now since the 2012 Emmys. That’s time enough for the parties to have died down and the dresses to have been sent to the dry cleaners. I’d like to pretend that I was there, but sadly … Continue reading

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Love Me Or Die

Love Me Or Die was the first film I did make up on. It was filmed for a Filmaka competition and, as per the rules, was only 3 mins long. The idea behind the film was that it would be … Continue reading

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The Best Brush For Eyeliner

As any make up artist knows, once you’ve found a perfect brush for a particular job, no other brush will quite do. Whilst discussing this with a friend recently I realised that my favourite brushes are not from any one … Continue reading

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V05 Extreme Style Fibre Putty

Last week I went to a pre-production meeting for a short film I was working on (Milliner).  The meeting was at 4.30pm on a Sunday and filming was due to start 8am Monday morning.  During this meeting I discovered that … Continue reading

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Illamasqua Generation Q

Yesterday saw the launch of Illamasqua’s new collection, Generation Q which is being promoted with the help of several models, including Evelyn, aged 72.  Illamasqua is known for its bright colours, which can often daunt the more mature client. This … Continue reading

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Pocahontas, Pop Art and Phantom of the Opera – August 2012

August was dominated by family events.  My sister was due to give birth at the end of July, her daughter was eventually born 4th August. This, combined with the Olympics (there’s a rule in our house – if it moves … Continue reading

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