An official poster for Kunthapura

Kunthapura is a tale of love and patriotism. That is what the poster tells you. It begins with an old man, Krishnappa reminiscing about his life in Southern India. His early years are spent under British rule and as the story unfolds we see the tensions that arise and the lengths that people will go to for love and for country.

And so Kunthapura is a tale of love and patriotism, and yet, for me, Kunthapura is about so much more than that. Ten years ago, in a little village in India the idea of making Kunthapura was born. The team has worked solidly since then to realise this dream and has filmed both in India and in the UK.

A continuity shot from Kunthapura

I was privileged to be on the UK crew, working on both British and Asian actors. This in itself proved a challenge, as I had to colour match foundation based only on facebook pictures as the Indian cast were not due to arrive until the shoot had already begun. Luckily, thanks to the help of the sales team in MAC, I actually got the colour matched spot on.

Another challenge I found was researching Indian make up in the 1920s-30s. I found very little information about this and so had to rely on the cast and crews knowledge. Thankfully, some had pictures of their ancestors for me to see. I know that it is currently the trend in India for girls to wear lighter foundation (and UK girls wear false tan – why can’t we all just accept our natural colour?) but I was not aware that that was also the case 80 years ago. As they say, you learn a new thing every day.

An online community has built up around this film which everyday sends out messages to all its supporters. Indian news has also taken a great interest in the film, and it been suggested that a film should be made about the making of Kunthapura.

An official poster for Kunthapura

The film has yet to be released and yet, just by making the film, the entire crew feel like we’ve already succeeded.

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