Tamla Rose

Tamla Rose promotional material

Tamla Rose tells the story of a modern day soul group, ‘The Tamla Roses’. The band consists of its founder Tamla, Candi and Lily and the film follows the trials and tribulations of making it in the music industry. Jealousy, rivalry and addiction take their toll on the band as their careers are on the rise. Can the band survive or are will the girls be forced to go their separate ways? Find out when Tamla Rose is released in 2013.

Tamla Rose is the latest film from Joe Scott and Ace Films. It was filmed entirely on location in the North West of England and focuses heavily on the northern soul and Motown music genre.

From a make up perspective the biggest challenge for this film was continuity. As the story focuses on three young glamorous girls, it was important that we made them look as if they really make an effort each day. Therefore, instead of having a standard ‘look’ for each character, with the same make up each scene day, we designated certain products to each actress, and each scene day had different make up according to their outfits.

Alex Johnson and Adi Alfa as Lily and Tamla

We were fortunate to have been allowed time to do this and the film will be better for it. We were also lucky enough to have a separate hairdresser on our team, who is exceptionally skilled at creative hairstyles and, together with the wardrobe department, helped us to establish a definite style for the ‘Tamla Roses’

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