ELF High Definition Powder

MAC Prep & Prime loose powder

Prior to working on Tamla Rose I had been using MAC ‘Blot Powder’ for the majority of my filming work. However, the problem with Blot Powder is that it’s coloured and so I needed several different shades to accommodate the whole cast. Another make up artist then introduced me to Prep & Prime Powder and my head was instantly turned.  Prep & Prime is transparent, therefore can match all skin tones. It is totally matt, therefore suitable for men. It is also minimizes the appearance of pores, so is flattering to girls too. The only problem for me was the price. At £19.50 for 8g it isn’t cheap, but it actually does do everything it claims to do.

With this in mind, I set about to try and find a cheaper alternative. I read up on several forums about various people’s experiences with different high definition loose powders and decided to give ELF High Definition a go. At £6 for 8g it’s a much cheaper alternative to Prep & Prime, but would it match up to its competitor? ELF had a deal running at the time of my order, spend £10 and get free delivery. Never one to turn down the opportunity to spend more, I thought I’d try the High Definition Undereye Setting Powder also. (£3.75 for 1.2g) This still didn’t come to a tenner so I added another eyeshadow brush to the mix (a girl can never have too many eyeshadow brushes).

ELF High Definition loose powder

So, for just over £10 I had got three products. Providing they were good, that’s a much better bargain than just getting the Prep & Prime. First impressions were: although you get the same amount of loose powder with both MAC and ELF, ELFs packaging is bigger and clunkier. Secondly, I would advise anyone who is going to buy this product not to remove the protective film over the powder holes. Too much powder comes through if you do and you’ll end up either wasting a lot or having a dusty looking face. Far better to get a pin and pierce bits of the film so you get the right amount coming through. Once that is dealt with, the actual powder itself is SUPERB. I took it straight into filming the next day and compared it with the Prep & Prime and none of us could tell the difference (in fact, I think it’s better.) It’s completely matt, transparent and visibly minimizes pores. What’s more, it has such a velvety feel on your skin that it’s a pleasure to wear.

ELF Undereye Setting Powder

Next up was the ELF HD Undereye Setting Powder. For some reason, this is not matt at all. It has such a shimmer to it, that little tiny particles of glitter can be seen. I’ve been trying to think of ways I could use this product, but honestly don’t think I ever will. Surely if you are setting concealer or foundation under your eyes, you don’t want attention drawn to it? I emailed ELF to ask why the product was made in this way. They responded promptly, stating

‘As photographs and videos are two-dimensional, they can enhance dark, fine lines and wrinkles. The HD underye setting powder is ideal to use to compensate. If you gently apply the light powder to darker areas like around the eyes, crevices and expression lines the light shimmer in the setting powder reflects light to illuminate areas, camouflaging fine lines and dark circles.’

I can understand the thinking behind this, but for me, the glitter is not subtle enough to illuminate. At the moment, my work is more film-based, rather than photography and the product is definitely not suitable for the camera (RED) and lighting we were using. However, I only bought the Undereye Powder to take the price up to £10, so even if I don’t ever use it, the HD Loose Powder works so well, that I will use that under the eye and still feel like I’ve got a bargain. Ok so the packaging isn’t as flashy as MACs, but the actual product is almost indistinguishable. I think this is a product I’ll be using for a long time.

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