Hair Tattoos (no, I didn’t know they were called that either) – April 2012

I’ve been avoiding it for a while now, but the time has come. I have ticked off all my shampooing, blow-drying, facial hair (except the moustache one!), consultation and hair cutting modules.

my first attempt at a curved-line hair tattoo

I only have to complete the creative module now, shaving patterns in somebody’s hair. There has been an unsurprising lack of volunteers for this. About the only person I know is a guy called John who comes into college every 2 weeks to get his head shaved. Before it all comes off, he is willing to have some lines shaved into it so that somebody can pass that module. All we have to do is prove we can do straight lines and curved lines. If you were to shave two parallel 3 cm lines you would pass this module. I don’t want to do that. As I have a BA in design, I think I’m a bit more confident than some others in my class, or maybe I’m a bit more ambitious, not willing to just settle for the bare minimum.

After a few months wait, it was finally my turn to shave John’s head. I decided to test my curved lines and created a relatively elaborate, albeit slightly feminine, design in his hair. I was rather delighted with the result, especially as it was my first serious attempt. I tried using scissors, razor and t-liners to create the design, but in the end, felt much more comfortable with my Wahl miniclippers.

my straight-lines hair tattoo assessment

I still needed to do the straight lines though and the second assessment cannot be completed on the same model as the first. Thankfully, Paul, who I met on Tamla Rose kindly offered to grow out his skinhead and grow some facial hair so I can finally tick off my moustache assessment and also the straight lines in hair. Once again, I was rather pleased with the results, especially when other students started crowding round saying how good they were. This part of barbering, I’ve decided, I particularly enjoy. Shame it’s not really in fashion these days. Just a couple of written assessments to go and I’ll be qualified. The time has flown.

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