A New Attitude – February 2012

At the beginning of this month I decided that, as I had some time to spare I would benefit from some regular work experience in a barber shop. I rang around a few different local ones and finally settled on Attitude on Rose Lane. Attitude is run by Ian, who also runs Traditions just across the road. What I like about Attitude, which differs from other barber shops I’ve been in, is that nobody bats an eyelid to see a girl in there. Straight away I was made to feel completely at home by both staff and customers. It also helps that Attitude is an exceptional barber shop. Men do not leave there with merely a haircut, but with a hairstyle. It’s definitely my kind of place of place and one where I think I can learn a lot. Hurrah to that!

Also this month I did some filming with Hurricane. It was so nice to see everyone again. They had been commissioned to produce a corporate film for the regeneration of North Liverpool. I was asked to keep a check on the make up for the kids involved. Being kids, they didn’t require much make up, but, as there were two different actors playing each character at different stages in their lives, certain features had to be emphasised to make the cast look more alike. I like a good challenge and this was a new challenge for me, but one I’m sure is familiar to most film make up artists. At least I can say it’s familiar to me too now. We were also filming a recreation of an industrial revolution scene for the Museum of Liverpool. (This particular scene was of a child working underneath a loom, gathering remnants of cotton.) I did a lot of research for Hurricane into this last year, finding firsthand accounts of child labour and conditions of the time so it was great to see it coming to life again. It will just be a small snippet in a film in the museum, but will play there for the next 10 years. I wonder how many people will see our work over that time.

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