All That Glitters – December 2011

So Christmas is almost upon us and that brings with it lots of parties, celebrations and excuses to be fabulous. Traditionally the high street tends to stock up on lots of luxurious fabrics at this time of year, rich satins and velvets in precious jewelled tones, warming colours to see us through the cold months. So, how you should style your make up accordingly?

I’m a firm believer that nobody knows your style better than you. You know your own face, strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes better than anybody, so if a trend doesn’t suit you, don’t follow it. As Yves Saint Laurent once said ‘Fashions fade, style is eternal’. However, there are a few tips that are effective for everyone, regardless of their own personal style.

Firstly, glitter IS acceptable for the over 18s. At the age of 17 I used to buy glitter sprays and cover myself in them before a night out. To this day, my friends and I refer to getting ready for a night out as ‘getting glittered’. Yet nowadays, I seldom, if ever wear glitter. There seems to be a notion that it’s not dignified or elegant but at Christmas time, that all changes, bring out the bling! Team bright satins with glitter eyeliner or eyeshadow, gold and bronze always work well at this time of year, especially with the rich berry colours seen on the catwalk (think mulled wine, cinnamon, brandy and sherry to get you in the spirit!)

Glitter – Definitely ok for the festive season

The problem with glitter is that it gets everywhere. Wear glitter on a night out and you’ll be cleaning it out of your hairbrush, carpet and shower for weeks afterwards. The best bet is to apply it with a fixative such as Stargazers ‘Glitter Fix’.

Secondly, always use a decent primer on your eyes and apply eye make up before you do your base. I know it may sound a strange way round of doing things, but if any eyeshadow, loose pigment or glitter drops down onto your cheeks, its much less soul destroying to wipe it away if you haven’t just spent ages perfecting your flawless skin.

Thirdly, there were some lovely bright coats on the catwalk this season. Lipstick can be matched to your coat (within reason) for a statement entrance to a party. If you can’t find a lipstick to match perfectly, then make one. All lipsticks can be blended together to create a truly personal shade, which can be loaded onto and applied with a lipbrush. A tiny amount of a gold pigment can then be added to the centre of the lips to add extra sheen and obligatory bling.

Finish with your usual foundation and some bronzer and blusher to warm up your complexion and you’re party ready. Just make sure you’ve learned all the words to the Pogues and Kirsty Maccoll before leaving the house.

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