An Unexpected Change – September 2011

After the madness of the August vampires, I was quite ready to have some well earned time off. A few days off, I thought, followed by a return to Hurricane, reading, writing, researching and job hunting. I could even try for 6 hours sleep at night, wowee!

Then I got a phone call from Joe, an AD from Saint Dracula, asking me to go and work on his film, Kunthapura. Joe is perhaps the most calm, and calming person I have ever worked with. Nothing stresses him out, nothing is a problem. I knew this film would be a pleasure to work on, and, as the majority of it had already been filmed in Kerala, I would be working, for the first time, on a foreign language film.

Priyaa Lal, the heroine of Kunthapura

‘Kunthapura’ is set in India, in the 20s – the days of the British Raj, and focuses on the struggles faced by the locals in fighting against foreign influence. It appeals to my love of history, but also provided me with a challenge I hadn’t previously come up against. One of the actors, who was playing a senior British Officer had a really modern haircut. He was quite happy for me to cut or restyle his hair anyway I wanted, but, knowing very little about men’s hair, I was apprehensive to cut it in case I ruined his hair. Clever use of products and styling provided the answer for this film, but it got me thinking…I should really be able to deal with this.

I have no idea about men’s hair. I have completed a short course in women’s hairstyling – bridal, period, wig dressing etc. But I am at a loss when it comes to men’s hair. The more I thought about it, the more I then thought about facial hair, and how that has caused me continuity issues in the past. There’s nothing for it, I thought, I’ve got to get some training.

First thing next morning I rang up Liverpool Community College to enquire about barbering courses. It was a bit late in the day to be applying, as term started that week, but they said they’d put me on the reserve list in case anyone dropped out. The following week, somebody dropped out. Looks like I’m going to be a barber, who’d have thought it!

troublesome hair in Kunthapura

The only down side is that the hours clash with my hours at Hurricane so, sadly, my internship at Hurricane must come to an end. I loved it there, learning about the pre- and post-production side of filmmaking. I learned how to apply for funding, how to be a researcher and, perhaps most importantly, I learned how to make the ultimate pot of tea. Thank you Hurricane, hopefully I’ll get to work with you again in the not-too-distant future. Until then, if you need a free haircut, gimme a shout.

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