Facepainting, Facepainting and More Facepainting – June 2011

me, facepainting

The first week of June I spent facepainting in Spaceport – ‘A Grand Day Out’ Wallace and Gromit space themed interactive museum at Seacombe Ferry terminal. I’ve worked out I painted around 200 faces, ranging from the bizarre (kid: ‘I want you to use this new technique I’ve discovered to make me into Indrid Cold – the Mothman’ Me: ‘Oh, ok, like in the Mothman Prophecies?’ Kid: ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’) to the sublime (a kid from the Make a Wish foundation who wanted nothing more than to be a spaceman) and I can honestly say I love facepainting. I love facepainting much more than I anticipated I would. I’ve done the odd day here and there in the past, but this was a solid week of it and I loved it. Actually, there should perhaps be a ‘but’ at the end of that sentence. I love facepainting, but I’m sick of butterflies. Anyone out there who has ever done kids facepainting will, I’m sure, feel my pain. I’ve developed several different butterfly designs, to break up the monotony and have a whole host of images and ideas to help the kids choose, yet little girls seem to always go for a butterfly. I’ve tried dolphin designs, princesses, glittery flowers but it seems the butterfly is King (or maybe that should be Queen?) I don’t know why it should be, but some designs are more enjoyable to paint. I love doing tigers, but not so much lions. I love doing spiderman, but not so much batman. I love dolphins, but not butterflies. Perhaps familiarity breeds contempt. That is why it was so nice to paint Indrid Cold.

some of my make up for Shiverpool

The following week I was asked to work with Shiverpool – a Liverpool based ghost tour.  They were doing a promotional photoshoot, in order to appeal to hen and stag parties. We had a corpse bride and a werewolf groom. I have worked with Shiverpool several times in the past and have gone along on one of their tours. Great fun – but not for the fainthearted!

The final facepainting of the month was for Kitty, the organiser and promoter of ‘Psycho Motel’ – Liverpool’s best horror club night. This month’s theme is ‘Summer Horrorday’. Kitty had an amazingly bright 60s tasselled bikini and wanted to be painted green, with a slit throat for added interest. It’s been a while since I’ve needed that trusty bottle of fake blood I always carry, but I like to have variety in my work.

Butterflies and blood, pretty much sums up June.

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